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The Real Estate Market in Lassen County, California

Lassen County is a mountainous community in the Northeastern part of California bordering on the state of Nevada. It’s surrounded by National Parks and Forests and was settled as a mining and timber community, although agriculture is the main econo[...]

Lassen County California Land for Sale

Lassen County, California is situated where the Cascade Mountains and the Great Basin meet on the northeastern edge of California. Just a short drive to Reno, Nevada, the area is beautiful, wild, and full of things to do. This is a place where you ca[...]

Acres of Land for Sale in Lassen County, California Has Much to Offer Prospective Land Buyers!

In Lassen County there is a total population density of around 7 people per square mile, making it a wonderful place to find multiple acre lots of land. There are a lot of options if you are looking for a piece of land and farm for sale because the [...]

California Land, Termo Area, 20 AC, Cash-or-Terms

General County Photo This 20 AC parcel located in the Moon Valley Ranch subdivision is about 40 miles south of Alturas California and you will find the beautiful parcel just off state route 395. Think about this, how would you like to own land in the desirable Lassen Cou[...]

40 Acre Ranch For Sale Near Termo, California – $15K Below Market Value

Location of The Parcel Would you like to live in the fresh mountain air of northern California? Then have a look at this acreage for sale in Lassen County. It is a large 40 Acre parcel located in the mountains near beautiful Mount Lassen. This HUGE chunk of land is part o[...]

What’s Going On In Lassen California?

200px-Map_of_California_highlighting_Lassen_County.svg What’s Happening in Lassen County? Lassen County is abundantly rich in natural settings with year-round recreational activities. Lassen County enjoys a clean natural environment with excellent air quality. Its rural communities are ideal for[...]
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