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Latest news in Warren County, Ohio

Warren County welcomed a record number of tourism-related visitors in 2017, according to the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau. The county’s numerous entertainment, shopping and dining attractions surpassed 12 million visitors for the[...]

What is happening in Clark County, Ohio

CLARK COUNTY — The Clark County Sheriff’s Office swore in Jeffrey Meyer as the sheriff’s new chief deputy on Monday. Meyer previously served the Springfield Police Division for 26 years in various roles, including lieutenant, before taking the[...]

Some news releases in Brown County, Ohio

It’s 26 days until the US presidential election, and Ohio, a crucial swing state, is getting a head start on voting. On Wednesday morning, social media rallied around the early vote-casting with a trending hashtag. While those voters have made [...]

What’s new in Butler County, Ohio?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives. City of Parma Police Department Some people can’t take a joke. On the other hand, some people don’t think some pranks are jokes at all. Th[...]

Whats happening in Clinton State Ohio?

The Clinton County Courthouse was built in 1915 in Wilmington. The courthouse is located at 53 E. Main Street. The Wilmington Public Library of Clinton County serves the communities of Clinton County from its administrative offices and main library i[...]

Fun Facts about Clermont County, Ohio

Clermont speaks English in Appalachian drawl. The strengthening circuitry of its legal system as a mighty county for walkers from near the Ohio and Kentucky fortify the vernacular dialect. The Progressive Era endeared a climate of independence and cl[...]
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