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Lassen County California Land for Sale

Lassen County, California is situated where the Cascade Mountains and the Great Basin meet on the northeastern edge of California. Just a short drive to Reno, Nevada, the area is beautiful, wild, and full of things to do. This is a place where you can find diverse terrain that can be suited to almost anybody. There are the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges, the desert of the Great Basin, the rich fertile agricultural land around the rivers, lakes and rivers full of trout, forests for hunting, camping, and hiking, as well as ski slopes and trails.

Ranch Property for Sale

In Lassen County you will find absolutely lovely ranch property. The population density of the area is just 7 people per square mile, which lends itself to lots of acreage to be had for those in the market for it. The county is home to parts of 5 different National Forests and part of the Lassen Volcanic National Park, making it one of the best places to enjoy the outdoors. With a generally dry climate featuring warm days and cool nights, there isn’t much not to love about this area. If you are looking for a farm and land for sale, there are great fertile valleys with farmland that’s been producing for many years.

What’s Going On In The Area?

Westwood is an area of about 5.5 square miles that was built on lava flows from the Cascade Mountains. Historically, this area was a timber town that served the red River Lumber Company. When the timber became unprofitable the town was sold to Sunkist and today is home to many historical points of interest and a nature conservatory. Westwood even has statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe because the people of the area believe that it was his hometown. This area is a lovely place to find a home and has a total population of around 2000 people.

Ranch Homes are for Sale In Rural Parts of The County

It a good idea to consider Lassen County when looking for ranch homes because the area has traditionally been a home to ranchers, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. You will find a number of places to buy ranch homes in an area suited for living a quiet rural life and at the same time just 85 miles from Reno, Nevada. This is a great county to consider if you work in the city and would like a home in a quieter setting with lots of outdoor activities.