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A Closer Look at California Pines, Modoc County Land

California Pines, California is a small town in Modoc County with a population of around 520 people. The county as a whole is rural in nature, with agriculture being a major factor in the economy. The area is great for growing potatoes and alfalfa, as well as raising cattle and sheep. Timber production is still a part of the economy, although much less so than it was about 20 years ago. Lava caves and hot springs are very common throughout Modoc County, in large part because the surrounding mountains are mostly volcanic in nature. The area lends itself to numerous property types, making it easy to find mountain property for sale, ranch property for sale, and more.

A Look at the Beautiful Landscape in Modoc County

Modoc County, California has a very diverse landscape, making it easy to find a variety of empty lots for sale on which to build your dream home. The Warner Mountains take up much of the eastern side of the county, providing ample mountain property for sale, and there are a number of highlands and fertile river valleys throughout the area that lend themselves well to ranch property for sale. The Lava Beds National Monument takes up a large portion of the northeastern edge of the county and has many fascinating volcanic formations and geological features. Here you will find lava flows and lava caves, cinder cones, volcanic fields, spatter cones, and pit craters. The landscape is very rugged and awe-inspiring to look at and is home to the largest shield volcano in the western United States.  Of course, mountains are not the only great feature of the area.

Modoc County Offers Many Attractions and Activities

Both the landscape and the number of activities to enjoy in Modoc County are quite diverse. Throughout the county there are 2 National Forests and 3 wildlife refuges where you will find many trails to explore on foot, horseback, or with an off-road vehicle.  Camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking are all close by in Modoc National Forest and Shasta National Forest. If you are looking for ranches and land for sale or even hunting property for sale, you will find that Modoc County offers the ideal landscape to find what you seek.

A Simply Idyllic Place to Purchase Real Estate

Because the land is so densely settled in this quiet part of California and situated in the middle of gorgeous natural features, hunting property for sale can be found in abundance. You will also find plenty of land and ranches for sale to suit almost any need. With only about 2 people per square mile, this county has room to spare. The hunting and fishing here are plentiful and the landscapes are absolutely gorgeous. The mountains are beautiful, the landscape is wild and rugged, and the rivers and lakes are teeming with life. The county motto that claims the area as “The last best place” pretty much sums up what an idyllic area this county is to have a home or recreational cabin.