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Beautiful La Paz County Land for Sale

La Paz County, Arizona is located on the western edge of Arizona and is bordered by Riverside County, California, and San Bernardino County, California. Located in the western portion of the county, La Paz County is home to the Colorado River Indian Reservation. The county also has parts of several wildlife refuges within its borders. There are many affordable lots of small acreage for sale throughout the county, suitable for a variety of purposes. The climate of La Paz County is arid and is suitable for the growth of the endangered California Fan Palm, which has established several groves within the county itself. The county is comprised of a number of small communities, the biggest being Quartzite, Parker, and Parker Strip. There are even remnants of the old mining days in the ghost towns of La Paz and Swansea.

Vacant Building Lots for Sale – The Possibilities Are Endless!

La Paz County is the only county to have been established after Arizona gained statehood in 1912, and was formerly the northern part of Yuma County. In 1983 the people of Yuma County voted to separate the northern portion of the county into what is now La Paz County, the name of which is Spanish for “Peace”. La Paz is close to both southern California and Maricopa County, Arizona which makes it an ideal place to live if you don’t like the overcrowding and dangers of living in highly populated areas. The arid climate is ideal for solar energy projects and the county would be a great place for sustainable and self-sufficient building projects. Since it is located in commuting distance from major population centers of Arizona and Southern California, La Paz County is a great place to live the quiet life even if you must work in the city.

La Paz County is bordered by Maricopa County, Arizona, San Bernardino County, California, Riverside County, California, Imperial County, California, Yuma County, Arizona. Mohave County, Arizona, and Yavapai County, Arizona, which means that it’s one of the few places where you can be both close to everything and far away from it all at the same time. Maricopa County is the 4th most populous county in the country, while La Paz has a population density of about 4 people per square mile. If you are looking for vacant lots, La Paz County is certainly an excellent choice. The lots are perfect for anyone looking to live a quieter life outside of work, but still close enough to still have the conveniences of society.