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Great Reasons to Purchase Real Estate in Pahrump, NV

Pahrump, Nevada is the largest town in Nye County.  While unincorporated, as are the rest of the county’s towns and settlements, Pahrump has a total population of nearly 44,000 as of the 2010 census.  US Route 95 runs quite near the city, connecting Las Vegas with the state capital of Carson City.  Residents of Pahrump find that their location enables them to reach Las Vegas in about 60 minutes, which makes the town ideal for commuters seeking the high paying jobs of Vegas but looking to avoid the big city life that comes with living there.

Why You Should Consider Small Acreage for Sale in Pahrump

If you are seeking the ideal place to build your home, you will find that there is ample small acreage for sale in and around Pahrump.  These properties are ideal for building a home, and many smaller properties can also be used to raise livestock or even to manage small alfalfa, cotton, and other farms.  Smaller properties are also ideal for building a family home within easy reach of many of the city’s amenities and activities.

A Closer Look at Excitement and Real Estate in Pahrump, NV

While it is certainly much smaller than Las Vegas, the unincorporated town of Pahrump is anything but tiny.  Residents find that there is much to see and do in the town, including the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the Spring Mountain Motor Sports Ranch, and even a stamp and coin trading shop owned by Apple Computers co-founder Ronald Wayne.  The town is also home to a number of legal brothels and was once the home of music icon Michael Jackson.  It was used as the setting for many scenes in the movie Rain Man, as well many television episodes.  With many jobs and a great deal of things to see and do, real estate in Pahrump, NV, is ideal for many people looking to live in Nye County.

Land Acres for Sale in Pahrump Offer Many Options and Attractions

If you are looking for a property that offers more land acres for sale, you will find that the area surrounding Pahrump might be perfect for you.  Nye County, NV is actually the third largest county in the contiguous United States, and there are many communities and settlements in the area that are perfect for people seeking large tracts of land for ranching, hunting, or simply building a large estate.  With attractions such as the Great Basin Sky Islands, numerous ghost towns, and part of Death Valley National Park, there are many reasons to build a homestead right here in Nye County.