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A Look at Greater Silver Springs, Nevada Real Estate

Lyon County, Nevada is located near the California border on the western side of Nevada. The county seat is located in the city of Yerington, one of the two incorporated city within the county limits. Many of the town and cities in Lyon County are a reasonable commute from major city centers like Reno, Nevada and Carson City, making the county worth considering if you work in one of those cities but would prefer a quieter, more rural home life. Historically rural, the county experienced a housing boom from 2005-2008 which provided for many building opportunities.

Lyon County has Many Surprisingly Rural Areas

Despite the housing boom, the county has remained predominantly rural, with only 6% of the total area developed. If you are looking for land, ranches for sale, or houses, Lyon County is a great place to find them. The county as a whole has traditionally been the site of many ranches and farms, which have helped it to maintain its rural charm. If you are looking for a quiet life with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, land and ranches for sale in Lyon County may be perfect for you, while those who prefer the small-town feel will be right at home in Silver Springs.

Silver Springs, Nevada Real Estate Is Something Truly Special

Silver Springs is one of the historic towns in Lyon County and is the site of many of the county’s attractions. Here you will find Fort Churchill State Historic Park, which features the ruins of an old Army fort and incorporates a ranch that was once a way station for the Pony Express. This area has all the feel of the old west close to the modern cities of Reno and Carson City. Other features of the area include the Lahontan Reservoir on the Carson River and the Lahontan State Recreation Area, which is open all year round for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.   If outdoor activities are right up your alley, there are many lots of land for sale near these areas.

A Great Place to Buy Land

If you are looking for land, acres for sale can be found throughout Lyon County. Of the 25% of the county land that is privately held, only a small portion has been developed, leaving plenty of opportunity to find large multi-acre tracts of land for purchase. 75% of the land is publicly held, much of it in the form of the Toiyabe National Forest, which is partly within Lyon County. The National Forest offers residents and visitors numerous opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, though there are many private acres of land for sale nearby, making Lyon County an ideal place to live, work, and even play!