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Own this Beautiful piece of 1.47 Acre Rural California Land in Modoc County, CA

General_Area Have you been looking for a place to call you own but nothing you have found seems to quite fit the bill? Then look no further! This piece of land for sale in Modoc County, California, measures 1.47 acres and can be used for many purposes. If you are[...]

California Land, Modoc County, 0.94 AC

000618-CA026-06_7 [...]

Come enjoy the outdoors with this California land for sale by owner. .92 acres of recreational land [...]

SQ01-041-111-29-11 Calling all lovers of the outdoors! If you have been looking for a place to enjoy the majestic views of Mt. Shasta, the cold freshwaters of Eagle Lake, or the evergreen beauty of the Modoc National Forest, then look no further. This California land i[...]

What You Should Know About Modoc County Real Estate

Modoc County is a quiet rural county in the northeast corner of California. The county is named for the Native American tribe that used to inhabit the area before the arrival of white settlers. There were several significant wars between the settlers[...]

What You Should Know About Modoc County Land for Sale

Modoc County, California occupies the northeast corner of the state. It borders both Oregon and Nevada, one of the only 2 counties in California to have borders on two states. The entire county has a population of only about 9,600 people, making it o[...]

A Closer Look at California Pines, Modoc County Land

California Pines, California is a small town in Modoc County with a population of around 520 people. The county as a whole is rural in nature, with agriculture being a major factor in the economy. The area is great for growing potatoes and alfalfa, [...]

Own a piece of California! Look at this .96 acre piece of land for sale in Modoc County, California

Location of property from Reding and San Francisco, CA. This 0.96 acre property is located in the beautiful county of Modoc . This land is currently zoned for recreational use, meaning that you have several options as to how you will use it. If you happen to have any questions, it will easy to find the an[...]

Modoc county land for sale- beautiful 1 acre lot in Northeastern California

Location of property from Redding, CA This lot is a very special property. Located in Modoc County, home to some of California’s most beautiful and unspoiled land, this one acre property is large enough that you could build your new home on. However, this area isn’t just good for[...]

For Sale Large 0.92 Acre In California Pines Subdivision – near Redding CA

9200 Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about living near a lake, among the trees and fresh air, surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature? Have you been trying to find land for sale in northern California? If this is your case, jump on the opportun[...]

Large 0.92-Acre Lot For Sale in Northern California South of Alturas CA In California Pines Subdivis [...]

Have you been waiting for the opportunity to invest in California real estate? Or would you like to buy a lot for sale, build your home, and become a Californian? Here’s your chance to get your foot in the door of the highly lucrative California re[...]
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