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Land-Lot for sale!

Land-Lot for sale;  209 Pecan Drive

Foxwood Hills in South Carolina

is only 45 minutes from the

Great Smokey Mountains National Park,

and only 2 hours from Asheville, NC,

one of the most popular retirement

areas in the Eastern U.S.trans Land Lot for sale!

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If you are not familiar with Foxwood Hills,

you owe it to yourself to go see all that this

amazing gated subdivision has to offer.

Foxwood Hills Mountains Land Lot for sale! 

Buying land to build house or a cabin?

If you want to buy a piece of land-lot,

we have lake view lots for sale by owner.

Owning this lot grants you access to Foxwood Hills Golf Course,

Near Lake Hartwell State Park.

Our asking price is $18,649, and comparable listing prices justify this amount.

This property is surrounded by properties which sold for prices between $19,999 and $30,000.

(See the map below to verify this.)

In spite of this – We are cutting our prices to allow you to take advantage of a rare opportunity.

We are offering owner financing with payments as low as $215.

This is an 105 month loan with a small ballo0n payment at the end.

This represents a 25% discount.

This saves you over $4,600!

Hurry now to take advantage of this 25% discount for a low, low $300. down payment.

-Or- If you buy with Cash or Major Credit Card now,

you will receive a 50% discount!

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Fxwood Hills Golf Fairway.Optimized 650.px  Land Lot for sale!

This residential vacant property is located in

beautiful Foxwood Hills

Golf Resort Community.

144 Pecan birds eye.Pinned Land Lot for sale!

Property Description:

Be the proud owner of this nice Piece of Land located

in beautiful Foxwood Hills in the shadow of the

Great Smokey Mountains.

This property is a nicely proportioned, .28 acre wooded lot.

144 Pecan Plat.Satelite Land Lot for sale!

This Lot is Located near the gorgeous amenities center.

In addition to the world-class water feature of Lake Hartwell,

there is a 9-hole Golf course,

an Olympic sized swimming pool,

A large indoor pool, two hot tub spas,

three tennis courts, a play area for children, and more.

In the club house there is a lounge, a restaurant, and

a game room with billiards, ping pong, and arcade games.

Foxwood Hills Amenities Aerial1 Land Lot for sale!

Unique Location:

90 minutes from Atlanta International Airport, one hour from Clemson,

45 minutes from Great Smokey Mountains National Park,

30 minutes from Greenville, 10 minutes from downtown Westminster, SC.

This Property is located in an area of

South Carolina known as

“the Golden Corner.”

A blend of small town charm and easy access to all the conveniences of modern cities,

this property offers exquisite modern amenities, surrounded by

breath-taking natural beauty.

Brasstown falls 25 min away.750px e1289061592389 Land Lot for sale!Photo by

Brasstown falls, above, is located only

25 minutes away from this property.

This is only one of several beautiful waterfalls

within a half hour drive.

144 Pecan Comp Map.650px Land Lot for sale!

Even though many properties in this area sold for around $20,000 or more,

we are lowering our asking price temporarily to allow you an opportunity of a lifetime.

We are offering owner financing on this excellent lot, with monthly payments of only $215 per month.

And not only that, with only a $300 down payment,

we are offering a 25% discount off of our asking price, so you pay only $13,987.

This discount saves you over $4,600! At this reduced price,

your down payment will be only $300.

Click below to pay your low $300 down payment, and reserve this pristine piece of land for your future.

And you can shop with confidence, because we employ state-of-the-art security to protect your personal information.

Your future will only improve if you take action.

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If you are a savvy business person and have the resources to purchase this lot with Cash,

you can save a full 50% off of the purchase price.

If you are situated well enough to be able to wield this kind of power,

you can really make good things happen.

The Cash purchase price for this property is only $9,324,

even though it is just a short distance from multiple properties which sold for over $20,000 last year.

Imagine paying $9,000 and getting the property plus $9,000 equity

added to your next worth the minute you close the transaction.

I don’t have to tell you the power of an opportunity of that magnitude.

Click below to increase your net worth.

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Are you uncomfortable with doing transactions over the internet?

We offer two solutions for you.

First, we invite you to check out our SECURE SHOPPING page, to read about our security protocols.

Second, we are more than happy to conduct the entire transaction offline, by telephone.

Call us to make arrangements before someone else grabs this great deal. 1-800-735-5678.

If it is after hours, no problem. Leave us a message, and we will call you back.

Make this land your own.

World-Class Water Feature:

This Lake-view lot is a short distance from

the water on Lake Hartwell.

Lake Hartwell is a huge man-made lake,

containing nearly 56,000 acres of water.

Lake Hartwell Aerial e1289062089700 Land Lot for sale!

Framed by hills on all sides, and within view of

the Blue Ridge Mountains, this lake is a perfect setting

for all kinds of water sports.

Boat in distance on Lake e1289082187182 Land Lot for sale!
Photo by


Boater on Lake e1289082007923 Land Lot for sale! Photo by

There are some big ones in there. This is world-class fishing.

Lake Hartwell striper.650px Land Lot for sale!The Striped Bass in the photo was caught near the Lake Hartwell Dam.

Foxwood Hills is a beautiful

Lakefront Community:

Lake Hartwell is the backdrop for a resort community that  offers Golf,

Tennis, Two large Swimming pools, dining, and much more.

Only 45 minutes from the

Great Smokey Mountains National Park,

this subdivision is surrounded by natural beauty.  

Foxwood Hills Gate Optimized e1291579589376 Land Lot for sale!Photo by

Many lots already have Homes on them.

144 birds eye nieghboring houses Land Lot for sale!

Beautiful Homes surround this lot, increasing its value.

Contact us now to secure this vacation property for your future.





The lot for sale in this post is a nicely proportioned wooded lot,

a short distance from the Amenities Center, and club house.

Note that the contour lines show that this lot is nearly flat.

144 Pecan Plat.Contour Land Lot for sale!

The lot dimensions are:

81 feet X 139 feet

If you don’t have a lot of cash, make a  DOWN PAYMENT ONLY.



1. At the time of sale the property is free and clear from liens other than recurring assessments and bonds and the property has marketable title. 2. The pictures displayed on and corresponding property description for each particular property describes Seller’s opinion of the general property area, condition and/or property area based upon Seller’s visit to the property and/or research made about the property area.

3. At the time of the sale, the properties do not have any delinquent taxes due.

4. Any Affidavits of Disclosure or other Seller property disclosure statements made available have been made to the best of the Seller’s knowledge.

Area Links:


Oconee County Chamber of Commerce

Transaction Details:

Lot APN number: 315-11-01-144

County: Oconee

State: South Carolina

Parcel size: .28 acres

Legal Description: Lot #144 Edisto Section of Foxwood Hills subdivision. Plat book 42, page 105 (Also know as 209 Pecan Drive)

Owner Financing Available: 25% discount off of purchase price, resulting in a purchase price of $13,987.  Down payment of $300, balance financed at 10% interest for 8.5 years, monthly payments of $215. This results in a $67 small balloon at the end.

Cash discount of 50% available for a cash purchase. Cash price is a low $9,234.

Property Taxes: $58.27 per year.

Utilities: Water, Sewer, Electricity and telephone all available at the property line.

Building Restrictions: No time limit to build – There are some restrictions in order to protect the quality of the subdivision.

See Foxwood Hills Property Owner’s Association.

Road Access: Road frontage on Pecan Drive.

Homeowner dues: $387 per year. These dues provide care for the golf course, swimming pools, parks, security, and other amenities.

Terrain: Almost flat. Slightly sloped front to rear. See plat map contour above.

Zoning: Vacant Single Family Residential. Check with County zoning office for details.

Payment Options: we accept all major credit cards, or certified funds.

Disclaimer: All properties are being sold in an “As Is, Where Is, and with All Faults” condition as of the date of the auction (date of sale).All sales are considered SOLD and FINAL. Buyer understands that Seller will abide by all state disclosure laws and will disclose all known facts regarding the property. Buyer acknowledges that all properties are being sold subject to all existing covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, exploration and mineral rights, easements, rights of way, assessments, zoning, and all other land use restrictions as there may be on or off record. Buyer grants Seller the right to run a credit check before loan approval. Seller reserves right to refuse credit at his discretion. If credit is denied, all down payment funds will be promptly refunded.

Deed: Unless otherwise stated, Owner financing will be done using a Land Contract. Once the property is paid off, we will convey ownership to the property using a “Special Warranty Deed” .

NOTE: Although we market through the internet, Our transactions are all carried out in the real world, using hard copies which are witnessed by notary public and / or attorneys. Once we initiate our transaction, we will sign hard-copy (paper) contracts just as you would expect with any real estate transaction.


Along with attractive mature landscaping, Foxwood Hills

offers a full range of amenities.

The amenities center is located just a few minutes

from the property.

Pool at Foxwood Hills Resor Land Lot for sale!

Foxwood Hills Pool other side Land Lot for sale!
Foxwood Hills Olympic Pool e1291657212414 Land Lot for sale!
Foxwood Hills Olympic Pool surface.650px Land Lot for sale!
Foxwood Hills Tennis e1291607183129 Land Lot for sale!
Foxwood hills Play area e1291607800138 Land Lot for sale!

Photo by

The Golf Course, swimming pools, tennis,

and serene waterfront

provide a lifestyle that is sure to please.

406 BR Lake view driving to the property.750px e1291655350223 Land Lot for sale!Lake view driving to the property.

Photo by

This is a nearby boat ramp.

406 BR Nearby boat ramp.750px e1291655831914 Land Lot for sale!

Photo by

And don’t forget about the golf !

moz screenshot 2 Land Lot for sale!

Fxwood Hills Golf Fairway.Optimized 650.px  Land Lot for sale!

Photo by

Make a low down payment Now, and

make this land your own!

When it’s gone, it’s gone.

This property is within your reach.

Just go get it!

All you have to do is offer a reasonable down payment,

and then make easy monthly installments

while you enjoy the land.

Why wait until someday?

This is the best buyer’s market we’ve ever seen in our lifetime.

Act now, and make your dreams come true.

Dreams don’t come true by accident.

Those who live privileged lives Cause their dreams to come true by taking Action.

Evening on Lake Hartwell.650px Land Lot for sale!
Photo by
Lake Hartwell is located right on the border between

Georgia and South Carolina. This is a gorgeous place with hills, mountains, water, and wildlife.

Chau Ram Falls.20.min away.650px Land Lot for sale!

Photo by

There is good reason why the

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

and the Asheville, NC area are

favorite vacation destinations.

You can own a property here,

just a little further south,

for a fraction of the cost!


Oconee County is a magical place.

Taccoa Falls 2.650px Land Lot for sale!
Photo by

Come be a part of it. make your down payment now, and claim this land for your own,

with a low down payment of only $300 and great terms.

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Or, pay with a major credit card, and receive your 50% discount now.

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E-mail or call us if you have any questions.



 Land Lot for sale!