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Lander County Mountain Property for Sale

Anyone looking to find mountain property for sale should take a look at Lander County, Nevada. Lander County lies in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain Range and has all the beauty and charm of a small community. While the total area of the County is about 5,519 square miles, around 85% of that is public land. The Toiyabe National Forest is the largest National Forest outside of the state of Alaska and takes up much of the county lands. The Forest is a haven for outdoor recreation and you can find some of the best hunting and fishing within Lander County.

Ranches and Land for Sale

Although the county of Lander lies in view of the Mountains, there is plenty of open land and space available for purchase. Ranches have thrived in the area for some time and it’s a good place to look for ranches that are up for sale. There are several small communities that make the area a lovely place to live and there are plenty of interesting things to see and do while you’re there. The town of Austin is what the locals call a “living ghost town”, meticulously preserved from the mining boom days when it served as home to over 10,000 people, today there is a small population of about 340 who take pride in the history of their hometown.

Prime Acreage for Sale at Killer Bargains!

With a population density of just 1 person per square mile, Lander County is a great place to find large multi-acre lots for sale. Anyone looking to buy in this area would be please to know that although the towns are small, there is always something to do. The county not only has the national forest where you can hike, camp, hunt, fish, ski, and have all manner of fun in the outdoors, but they also have interesting sights like a natural hot spring, caves, and ancient petroglyphs where people carved and drew on the rocks thousands of years ago.

Looking for Great Mountain Views?

Mountain land isn’t hard to come by in Lander County, in fact the county seat is in a town called Battle Mountain, named for the nearby mountain where a great battle was fought between the Native Americans of the area and the settlers who came to stake claim on the land. The mountain areas are absolutely beautiful and there is hardly a place where you can find a bad view. Lander County is definitely worth a look if you are looking to buy mountain property.