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Lander County, Nevada Property for Sale

If you are looking for hunting land for sale, Lander County is a great place to find it. Lander County is roughly 5,621 square miles in area, 85% of which is public land. The Toiyabe National Forest is the largest national forest in the contiguous United States and offers a variety of recreational uses, including hunting and fishing. The county as a whole has a population density of about 1 person per square mile, making it ideal location for hunting and fishing. The county sits in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain Range, giving the entire area a majestic beauty that is hard to find anywhere else.

Mountain Land for Sale with Spectacular Views!

Because of the proximity to the Rocky Mountains, there are many places in Lander County where mountain land can be purchased. Within the Toiyabe National Forest there are also numerous recreational opportunities and things to see like the Toquima Cave. The county itself has a rich history and was one of the original counties of the state of Nevada and helped to spawn the three counties of Elko, White Pine, and Eureka. The town of Austin was the county seat from 1863 to 1979 and has a lovely historic district.

Building Lots for Sale

If you are looking to buy building lots in Lander County you won’t be disappointed. Lander County has a rich history and lots of things to do and see. The area includes mountains, natural hot springs, caves, old mining towns, and much more. The Hickison Petroglyph Recreational Area has many ancient drawings carved into rocks, which is always a fun thing to see. The town of Austin was a founded as part of a silver rush during the mining era and is now what people there refer to as a “living ghost town”. The population now is only around 340, but it once boasted a population well over 10,000 people.

Hunting Ranches for Sale

If you are looking for hunting and recreational activities, Lander County has what you’re looking for. It’s very close to the Rocky Mountains, and Toiyabe National Forest takes up the large majority of the county land area. There is skiing in the mountains, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and many scenic drives within the forest. The area itself is just beautiful and quite spacious, perfect for a hunting ranch. Like many Western counties, Lander County also has little quirky places, like the remnants of a stone castle built by a railroad baron and then abandoned after only a month of occupancy, making it a fun and fascinating place to live and play.