What's Happening in Box Elder County?

The main industry in Box Elder County is agriculture. Much of the state's dry-land wheat is grown in the county. It is well-known for its Peaches and other fruits. Dairy, cattle and sheep industries are also among the predominant parts of the economy for Box Elder County. 

County Profile: 

Located in the upper northwest corner of the state of Utah, Box Elder County is part of the Great Basin region and embraces a large land area extending from the west spur of the Wasatch Mountains to the Idaho border and westward to Nevada. It includes portions of the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake Desert. On the east are the lower course and deltas of the Bear River, the Malad River Valley, and the Promontory Mountains. Diverse in topography, the county contains rich farmlands as well as extensive marshlands at the mouth of the Bear River. It is five times larger than the entire state of Rhode Island at a length of 5,594 square miles and includes salt desert, valleys, mountains and more than 1,000 square miles of the Great Salt Lake. The population as of 2005 has reached about 46,000, a definite increase from the last census count in 1990 that showed an estimated 36,485.

Local Hot Spots:

Box Elder County is one of the most unique places on earth. But nothing is more impressive than the mountains. From north to south, and east to west, they provide an adventure for young and old alike. They range from Kings Peak, 13,528' (4,124m) above sea level on down to Beaver Wash at 2,350' (716m). Hang gliding is new to this range, which hosts Box Elder County’s highest peak, Bull Mountain, at 9,920 feet. Surrounding canyons are wide and lush with perennial streams in the bottom. At the base, pinions mix with mountain mahogany, then sweep up to conifers.