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Rural Land for Sale in Lander County, Nevada

Lander County is a small county in central Nevada with a rich history. It’s located in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and is made up of several small towns and communities, including the “living ghost town” of Austin. About 85% of the land in the county is public land, much of it a part of the Toiyabe National Forest. The total population for the county is just under 6,000 people, giving the area a population density of around 1 person per square mile.

Ranches for Sale in the Area

The land in Lander County is mostly rural and ideally suited to ranches and other pursuits. There are mountains and rivers, perfect for the outdoorsman and a rich history in the Old Western tradition. They even have a castle, which is a stone tower built in 1897 by a wealthy capitalist with interest in the surrounding mines. It stands now near Austin as an enduring monument to those times. In addition to recent historical interest there are a number of interesting geological and archaeological areas in Lander County, including natural hot springs and a grouping of rocks that feature ancient carvings and drawings.

Since Lander County is a sparsely populated county, it is a great place to find ranches for sale, and the terrain is ideally suited to those who enjoy outdoor pursuits like hunting and fishing. The Toiyabe National Forest is the largest national forest outside of the state of Alaska and offers numerous recreational activities and opportunities. There are many trails for hiking and biking, and there are several places that offer snow skiing within the forest. You’ll find areas that are ideally suited to camping and several campgrounds within the National Forest as well. Both Reno and Las Vegas are not too far away for a weekend trip to the city, and both cities offer numerous recreational opportunities as well.

If you are looking for land and lots for sale or smaller acreage, Lander also has a few towns where you can find these. Lander County was one of the first nine counties of Nevada and came about as the result of Mining along the Reese River in 1861. The county was larger back then, as in the years that followed Elko, White Pine, and Eureka Counties were created from its lands. The town of Austin is a remnant of the old mining days and has been carefully preserved throughout the years. There are many small historic communities and towns around this county to check out. If you like old westerns then check out Lander County for some great cowboy times.