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The Silver Springs, NV Real Estate Market

Silver Springs, Nevada is located within a reasonable commute to both Reno and Carson City. The area was a part of the housing boom from 2005 to 2008, and the real estate market at this time is wide open. It’s a wonderful place to find very affordable real estate in a historic area with lots of surrounding state parks and recreation areas. If you’re looking for lots, land for sale, or houses this is a place worth checking out. The area features the Fort Churchill State historic Park, the Lahontan State Recreation Area, and the Lahontan Reservoir, which is located on the Carson River.

Land and Farms for Sale

Silver Springs is located within Lyon County, which has maintained its rural character through to modern times. Here you will find farms, ranches, and land in abundance as only 6% of the area has been developed. Lyon County also features lots of public lands, about 75% of the total area, much of which is part of the Toiyabe National Forest. Within the park there are numerous recreational opportunities, including trails for horseback riding and hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and skiing. Silver Springs and Lyon County are a great place to live and raise a family.

Lots and Land for Sale

Lyon County has historically been the site of several major railroads including the first transcontinental railroad, Central Pacific, the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, the Carson and Colorado Railroad, and the Nevada Copper Belt Railroad. This historic western county was once the site of a major copper mining operation and has also been an area for farming and ranching. The County itself was one of the original nine counties of Nevada and has been in existence since 1861. It’s been the site an early US Army fort, the ruins of which have been carefully preserved in the Fort Churchill State Historic Park.

Farms and Land for Sale

Because of the rural nature of Lyon County, there is much in the way of farms, ranches, and land for sale in the area. One of the early ranches was even the site of a Pony Express way station that began in the 1860s. Today, the way station has been incorporated in the Fort Churchill State Historic Park and is available for self-guided walking tours. The rivers that run through the county have made for fertile farming land, and the more arid areas have been used for ranches, both large and small throughout Nevada’s history.