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What Makes Rural Land in Nye County so Remarkable

If you are looking for a wonderful place to build a homestead, you will find that there are many places in Nevada that are well suited to your needs.  One of the top counties in the state in terms of available land is Nye County.  You will find that the county is home to many acres of land for sale, including land that is ideal for ranching, hunting, and many other opportunities.  Located only a short distance from the city of Las Vegas, many people choose Nye County as a wonderful place to live within easy commuting distance of the city for work or leisure.

Nye County Has Much to See and Do

There is much to see, do, and enjoy in Nye County.  Not only is the county home to part of Death Valley National Park as well as many other famous land masses and geological features, but it is also home to Spring Mountain Motor Sports Ranch, which can be found in the town of Pahrump.  While unincorporated, the town comprises the bulk of the county’s population, with some 36,441 citizens as of the 2010 census.

Nye County Court Records Make the Area Interesting

While Nye County is regarded as a safe and wonderful place to live, the county’s court records certainly offer some intriguing stories from the past.  In addition to exciting distinctions such as being the home of one of Apple Computer’s co-founders and the former home of superstar Michael Jackson, Nye County court records will also show that the area played host to a rather interesting crime in 1998 when famed casino owner Ted Binion was murdered while digging up a treasure of silver he had buried in a secret underground vault within the town of Pahrump.  The crime has spawned books and created somewhat of a legend about Binion.

An Interesting and Diverse Landscape Complements Nye County’s Unique Towns

If you are looking for something outside of Pahrump, such as rural land for sale in Nye County, you will find many options.  In addition to Pahrump and Yucca Mountain, there are many other communities located in the county where you can find acres of land for sale.  You will also find that Nye County is home to a large number of ghost towns, many of which were left behind after the gold rushes in the 1800’s.  The land in the county is definitely unique, and whether you seek small acreage to build a home or a large expanse of land for ranching, you will certainly find ample options here.