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What You Should Know About Modoc County Real Estate

Modoc County is a quiet rural county in the northeast corner of California. The county is named for the Native American tribe that used to inhabit the area before the arrival of white settlers. There were several significant wars between the settlers and the tribe before the remaining natives were resettled to reservations in what was then Utah territory. Lava Beds National Monument now stands at the place where the tribes made their last stand. Today, the county has a total population density of about 2 people per square mile and the economy is held up by agriculture and forestry due to the many national forests and refuges in the area.

Diverse Land with Many Purposes

Modoc County real estate offers many options, and the area is a great place to find great building lots for sale, hunting land for sale, as well as property with a variety of geographic features. The county has a diverse geography due to its position between volcanic mountains and national forests. The largest shield volcano on the west coast is located here, called Medicine Lake Highlands. There are hardwood forests, river valleys, and pine forests throughout the county and a wide variety of plants and animals can be found almost everywhere. This is a great place to find lots for sale if you are looking for a recreational retreat.

The Land Offers Many Choices

Land and housing are comparatively inexpensive in Modoc County, making it an attractive area to find affordable land for sale by owner to create a homestead, while the landscape offers much to see and do. Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located here, as is Modoc National Forest, Modoc National Wildlife Refuge, Shasta National Forest, Lava Beds National Monument, and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Outdoor adventure is a pleasure here due to the warm, dry summers and snowy, cold winters, and if you love to camp, hike, fish, hunt, or engage in snow sports and activities this is a prime place to do it.

Natural Features and Agricultural Opportunities in One Place

Modoc County is marked by extreme natural beauty and multiple hot springs and lava caves, but the economy is mainly agricultural, making it easy to find farm land for sale. The main agricultural products found here are potatoes, alfalfa, sheep, beef, and lumber. Entertainment is also plentiful in Modoc County, with many outdoor activities to choose from.  There is even a small casino run by the local Pit River Indians. Modoc County is a lovely place to live with lots of fun things to do and interesting geological features. You can get a little bit of the feel of the place just from the county mottos, which are “Where the West still lives” and “The last best place”.