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What’s Going On In Luna New Mexico?

What’s Happening in Luna County?

You will find this southwest corner of New Mexico to be one of historic significance;
an unspoiled atmosphere with an abundance of sunshine, friendly faces and year-round
activities. In a high-desert setting with the Florida Mountains as a backdrop
with an agricultural-productive influence

A rockhounder’s paradise, Luna County is noted, too, for its Mimbreno Indian
legacy, its four state parks, its outstanding museum, its year-round golf course,
and its close proximity to the Gila National Forest and old Mexico.

County Profile!

Luna County is a region of desert and semiarid plains broken by isolated mountains
and mountain ranges, in the Mexican Highland section of the Basin and Range
Province. The Continental Divide crosses the western section of the county,
which includes the Cooke, Good Sight, Victorio, Cedar Mountain, Florida, and
Tres Hermanas ranges.

The outlying land of Luna County is rich in its production of the nation’s
finest chilies, onions, cotton, pecans, wine grapes, feed crops and cattle.
The estimated population of 18,110 in 1990 has expanded to 26,498 in 2005. The
County stretches a distance of 2,965 miles end to end and the county seat is

Local Hot Spots

Within the village of  Columbus is Pancho Villa State Park, offering camping
and picnic facilities in a magnificent cactus botanic garden. It occupies Cootes
Hill and the site of old Camp Furlong. Historic artifacts such as the first
grease-rack built by the Army in 1916 and military building headquarters remain
to be explored and photographed by history buffs.

The four state parks of the area bring thousands of tourists to the region
very year. Spring Canyon and Rock Hound in the Florida mountains, just outside
Deming, attract many who enjoy climbing and scouting for rock specimens. Within
an hour’s drive from Deming, many enjoy exploring and camping in the City of
Rocks Park, formed from an ancient volcanic eruption. When viewed from the west,
the natural formations appear to be a spectacular Indian pueblo village.