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What’s Going On In Nye Nevada?

What’s Happening in Nye County, Nevada?

Nye County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Between 1990
and 2000, Nye County grew by an astonishing 82.7%!!! And over the past 5 years,
it has already grown by another 25%! Most of this growth is happening in the
city of  Pahrump which is becoming a bedroom community for Las Vegas Commuters.
Pahrump is only about an hours drive to the heart of Las Vegas so many people
are moving here to escape the Las Vegas Crowds!!

County Profile!

Nye County is Nevada’s largest county.
It is growing fast! Many people from southern California and Las Vegas
are moving here to escape the big city stress.
There are beautiful casinos, a winery, two 18-hole golf courses and
much more in little city.
Most of the county is in the Mohave desert landscape with some high
mountains that can get snow on the peaks
A warm climate, with lots of sunshine makes this an attractive place
to live.
Activities include: Horseback riding, golfing, gaming and more.

Local Hot Spots

Las Vegas

Is just about an hour away
from Pahrump.
The city is one of the premier travel destinations in the world!
World class shopping, resorts, shows, casinos are all at your fingertips
with Las Vegas so close.

Pahrump Valley Vineyards

Is the only winery in Nevada
You can take tours, relax in the rose garden, or sip some of their award-winning
wine while listening to live Jazz music on their outdoor stage.
There are at least three large, attractive, modern Casino’s in
town that offer gaming options for all kind of people.
There are two lush 18-golf courses in the city of Pahrump.